You Don't Even Have To Roll Down Your Window!

Visit Prairie Lake Shell to sign up and receive your tag!​

XpresWash allows our customer to get a car wash whenever and as often as they want, for one fixed price per month or per year. No cash or credit card is needed at the time of the wash. Because the XpresWash system utilizes RFID technology and vehicle specific RFID tags that are attached to the windshield, only a single vehicle can be washed with each tag. 


Wash Types
Annual Unlimited Express Wash - $225.00
Annual Unlimited Premium Wash - $275.00
Annual Unlimited Works Wash - $330.00
Unlimited Express Washes - $22.95
Unlimited Premium Washes - $27.95
Unlimited Works Washes - $32.95​


Once you have purchased your Unlimited Xpreswash, access and manage your account online.